The Terrible and the Great

Ivan the Terrible was a great believer in the power and majesty of beard wearing and attributed Russia's rise from a medieval nation state to empire solely to good beard maintainence.

If a man had no beard, he was a heretic. Peter The Great had radical ideas for reform and modernisation, and tried to ban the growing of beards. When he was laughed out of town at the demands, he placed a levy on all facial hair, but soon caused outrage by growing a dodgy looking pencil moustache.

Trotsky's Beardizm
stalin's moustache
lenin's beard

Power to the People

Goatee enthusiasts Trotsky and Lenin caused a revolution in beard attitudes. Facial hair sculpture was encouraged and innovation was rife, numerious styles were developed, many of which are still popular today.

Stalin deplored beards, but had a strict regime for mainting a quality handlebar moustache. Image was everything to Stalin, who was said to have had a number of painters shot, who did not 'correctly' depict the lushness of his moustache.