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Ancients Egyptians discouraged the wearing of beards, as they were something to be revered, and reserved for the Gods.

Beard effigies were built into Sarcophagi and mummies had beards carved of finest mahogony fitted for all eternity. Egyptian Pharaohs wore fake goatees as a sign of holiness, nobility and kingship. A false metal beard, or postiche, was a sign of sovereignty, worn by queens as well as kings.


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Beards in Religion

Beards and moustaches are taken very seriously in some regions of the world, and beardology has played a major role in many of the world's faiths.

Beard growth in the Muslim world is a statement of obedience and many muslims have luxuriant full beards.

'Clip your moustaches and let your beard grow' - Abu Hurayah (Sahih Muslim 206) is a much loved quote amongst scholers. Apparently

Thank Christ for Beards

Jesus H Christ died on the cross, wearing nothing except a simple piece of cloth and a well trimmed goatee.

Jesus was also a big fan of moustaches and it is believed that in his youth he experimented with many different styles.

Some of his antics didn't go down to well amongst his friends and disciples, the sitting for Di Vinci's 'Last Supper' was postponed because Jesus refused to shave off his outrageous sideburns, which Leonardo believed made him look like a porn star, and considered ill fitting for the situation.

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