Life in the Bush

Living in a parched climate, the aboriginal people of the Australian outback had no need for luxurious warming beards, and so grew simple whispy ones.

Early examples of aboriginal art often depect bearded spirit gods, the beard symbolising a deeper connection to mother earth. Moustaches are practically taboo though, as they hinder the playing of the didgeridoo

Tribal elders used to anoint their chins with a mix of ash and frog dung to encourage beard growth.


Big Beard
hairy face

Beard Accessories

Other tribal people in the region had similar difficulties growing stunning beards that they could be proud of and took to accessorizing their beards and moustaches with beads and shells.

The Maori of New Zealand even went as far as tatooing beard inspired designs on their chins, until eventually all their faces are covered in tattoos - a tradition that still exists today. 

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