Oriental Delight

Asian affinity with beards and moustaches is perhaps unparalled around the globe.

From great dreadlocked beards of indian sadhus, to the whispy tendrills of japanese samurai, beard growth in Asia is as wild as it is disiplined and as unkempt as it is refined.

In ancient India, the beard was allowed to grow long, a symbol of dignity and of wisdom, while the punishment for licentiousness and adultery was to have the beard of the offender publicly cut off. India boasts the world's longest moustache ever grown, at a stunning 4.2 metres.

ancient beard
dreadlock beard

Holy Facial Hair

The religious origins of the asian beard are shrouded in mystery.

Despite the many forms of religious belief in the region, the teachings of buddha are referred to again and again in the various holy texts.

Only after meditating for several weeks was the Buddha's beard of sufficient length for him to attain enlightenment.

Sikhism maintains that hair is the part of the created human, and to cut the hair would be to alter God's perfect creation. The beard is also said to be a buffer to lunar and solar energies bombarding the planet.