Advertise Here From A Dollar Per Week!

Drive heaps of hairy visitors to your online store or beard based website and help orphaned children in the process! One third of all profits from the world of beards advertising program go to charity and the current bid price has doubled up to...

$1 per week

(we only have enough space for 12 ads, so snap them up quickly before the bid price rises!)

Getting Your Advertisment on The World Of Beards Website
Commercial ventures are now able to advertise their products and services on the world of beards website with linking image ads, located on the groovey floating right-hand sidebar of the website. All 12 image Ads are randomised and displayed on 24 of the pages of the website, guaranteeing that each ad be displayed on at least 2 random pages (on average), for the duration of your advertising package. Put it another way, every 12th click on the website will display your ad and you can expect targeted visitors to your site right away.

Prices are set by bidding on advertising space. Payment is via PayPal and all advertisers receive a simple quarterly google analytics report of the overall world of beards website visitor's activity, so getting in early can bring a lot of exposure of your products to a unique and highly targeted market of beard and moustache fanatics for a relatively small fee. And you will be helping a childrens charity build schools and hospitals too!

If you have any queries, want to arrange a bespoke advertising package or want to talk further, about selling your products and services on the world of beards website, feel free to email

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